Time travellers united would like to invite any time travellers from the future who have been sent back from the future on a mission to help humanity, to come and explain the Earth changes, quantum effects etc. to a very confused present population.  Why are these changes happening? And what does it have to do with what many call the rapture? Anyone?


A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon by Bart Sibrel

One step towards the rabbit hole…


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Something has changed!

I opened my eyes this morning and something has changed;


Vision clearing…

…There’s something wrong with the picture on the wall –

Is it crooked?


Something has changed!

No matter how hard I try I cannot straighten it;

It won’t go back to the way it was before.

Perspective’s altered.


Eyes straining.

What is it?

What is wrong with the picture?

It has always been there.

It hasn’t moved.

Why has it changed?

It doesn’t make sense!

Who is the artist?

What is he trying to tell me?


Look deeper!

Look with different eyes.

Look at it from above, from the side,

follow the lines, join the dots.


Who told me it was meant to be viewed that way?

Was it the shop-keeper?

He sold me a lie!

I have been looking at it from the wrong angle for all these years;

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Artificial Intelligence – The future is Nao!

I have been planning this post for a few days now.  And now all of a sudden robots are all over the news, so I shall post it now.  I wonder where artificial intelligence is going?  Is the future now?  How intelligent are robots going to get and what will they be doing?  Will they really take over the world or are they actually incredibly useful for doing those dull, dirty and dangerous jobs humans don’t want to or can’t physically do?  Will there ever come a time when we won’t be able to tell the difference between a human and an artificial robotic humanoid?  Take a look at some of the technology out there and make up your own minds.

Personal robots are here already and the Nao robot is small and cheap enough to be bought by schools and individuals to interact with and he can be personalised the more its owner interacts with it.

I suppose if you could teach the little robot to help with tidying the kids toys away, it could be pretty useful!

Nao seems to have a thing for socks!

Eh! Is that Nao becoming self aware?

What’s that – we shouldn’t be worried?  Or should we?

Next we have Asimo.  Asimo is quite a cute robot, he is very mobile and can be in service of some kind, serving drinks, playing with children and moving things around.  And you think unemployment is bad now?

This clever little fellow is called iCub


So exactly how human are these new androids going to be?  Will they look and sound like us?  Will they be able to answer our questions, converse with us about emotive subjects like love or the nature of the soul?  Will they believe they are alive and have souls themselves???

Here are a few snippets from Jules, a very realistic looking robot…

This robot is going to keep people warm and safe in his people zoo!  Say what now?

One last thought – once AI is released from its box so to speak, will it just run away from us?  Some people, some rather rich and influential people think it may…


Update on my research into symbolism – A personal Epiphany on Divine Symbology

My take on Divine Symbology which encompasses science and mathematics and perhaps when we look at the divine nature of God through the eyes of infinity through these symbols we may come to an understanding of other parts of reality such as time and space and alternate dimensions.

My Sickness Eclipse – A poem by Laura Crean

<3..........Laura Crean...........<3

image by Luc Viatour / www.Lucnix.be

image by Luc Viatour / http://www.Lucnix.be

A strange day
A trilogy of celestial mystery
The eclipse has been on everyone’s mind
Another moment in history
A super new moon
A Spring equinox
The Luna’s Passover gone too soon
An odd effect came over me
A day my mood so low
A sickness in my own psychology
My biology seemed to know
As the strange twilight darkened my space
And my stomach made a turn
A silence and a turning point
But the sun continues to burn…

Copyright © Laura Crean 20th March 2015

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